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C9 Catalytic Polymerization Resin

Brief introduction:

This product is made by C9 cracking,through catalytic , polymerization .It's a kind of granular solid with color from light yellow to oyster white.It has the properties of good heat stability,intersolubility, viscidity,light stability,water resistance and very good chemical stability over acid and alkali.


The product is mainly used as fertilizer in paint, rubber, adhesives, printing ink plastic floor tile, colour asphalt industries .

Packing, storage and transportation:

This product is packed in three-in-one kraft paper.Its net weight is 25kg per sack.The packing can be changed by client's requirements.It can be transported by truck ,train, ship etc.But it must avoid  sun-scorched,rain-drenched and damp ,hook.Do not store or transport with alkali or oxidant.This product is a non-dangerous chemical.It should be in ventilated,cool and dry places,for one year storage.



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