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C9Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin

Brief introduction:

C9Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin is waterwhite thermoplastic resin obtained from polymerizing of Aromatic and hydrogenation。


The major usages are tackifier for hot melt adhesive(HMA), hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive(HMPSA) because of its good heat resistance and good compatibility with base polymers such as ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA), Styrene-Butadiene-Styene block copolymer(SBS),Styrene-Isoprene-Styene block copolymer(SIS)。

Product packaging:

C9Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin  is available both in big bags of 500kgs net weight and in multi-ply paper bags of 25kgs net weight.

Prduct storage:

Pelletized forms of resins may block or lump in hot weather climates or if stored near heat sources. Inside storage is recommended and keep at temperature not exceeding 30℃.



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C5 Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin

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